Three Year Under Graduate Degree Programmes

(B.A. Honours in English / Sociology / Political Sciences / International Relations / Mass Communication)

The North East Christian University is a liberal arts University and the course content and syllabus are structured to develop Language skills, Academic survival (critical, creative and analytical thinking) skills, Academic Integrity and focus on overall Personality Development.
Admissions will be open for three years Under Graduate B.A. (Honors) initially in four subjects, namely, English, Political Sciences, International Relations and Sociology.

The Courses will be based on the two Semester per year academic plan. In the UG programme, the first three Semesters will be common and mandatory for all students. The next three Semesters will be as per the selected Honors subjects. Course content regularly reviewed and may change from time to time.


B.A. (Honors- English, Political Sciences, Sociology and International Relations)

First Semester:

S.No Description Credits
1 Foundation Course 3
2 Religious Studies (New Testament / Christian Ethics) 3
3 English (Basic Writing) 4
4 History of Science 3
5 Mass Communication (Introductory Speech) 3
6 Management 4
7 Project / Field work (Social / Community) 3
8 Internship 3

Second Semester:

S.No Description Credits
1 North East Indian Heritage in a Global Context 3
2 Economics 3
3 Political Science 3
4 Sociology 4
5 Psychology / Counseling 3
6 English (Advance writing) 4
7 Project / Field work (Social / Community) 3
8 Internship 3

Third Semester:

S.No Description Credits
1 Environmental Science 3
2 Music/ Theatre/ Art 3
3 Language (other than English) 3
4 English 4
5 Mathematics or Computer Science 3
6 International Relations 4
7 Project / Field work (Social / Community) 3
8 Internship 3

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Semesters:

  • Honours in Sociology / English/ Political Science/ International Relations
  • Internship
  • Projects:
    1. Course work 20 Credits per Semester,
    2. Internship 3 Credits each,
    3. Project 3 Credits in IV & V Semester, 6 Credits in VI Semester.


Admissions are open to students desiring a Liberal Arts education based on curriculum and structures of International Universities and Institutions. Admissions to the 2019-2020 Sessions starting end July 2019 is open for: 1) Three Year Under Graduate degree programmes B.A. Honours in English / Sociology / Political Sciences / International Relations.


  • Candidates should fill in and submit the Application Form according to the Guidelines. (Filled forms can be scanned and mailed to
  • Copies of all supporting documents should be attached.
  • Admissions will be on Merit basis.
  • 25% seat allocation will be for Merit cum means.
  • Upto 10% extra weightage would be given for candidates who have represented their States in different activities ranging from Music to Sports.
  • 5% seats would be reserved for Differently Abled Candidates.

APPLICATION FORM GUIDELINES (Candidates to fill in):

  1. Official names (as per matriculation certificate), Father’s & Mother’s Name, Permanent Address, Present Address for communication, Mobile/Phone number, email address, with passport size photograph.
  2. Academic Qualification Record starting from Matriculation, with all supporting documents (Pass Certificates and Marksheets).
  3. Distinctions/ Awards if any; Sports, Music etc. Attach Certificate, if represented State/Country
  4. Differentially Abled Certificates, if relevant, from recognized authorities.
  5. Mention if belonging to any reserved categories.
  6. Any other information eg., Hobbies, Social activities, if any. Admission for the UG programmes will be for Candidates who have passed their Higher Secondary or equivalent Examinations.


UG Program Fees(BA-English/Political Science/Public Administration/International Relations)


S.N Description Amount (in Rupees)
1 Application fees ₹ 100
2 Identity Card ₹ 200
3 Medical Card and General consultation / Checkup per year (300 x 3) ₹ 900
4 Students welfare fund (200 x 3) ₹ 600
5 Examination fee (Semester 1st, 2nd& 3rd) UG (400 per Semester x 3) ₹ 1200
6 Examination fees (Semester 4th, 5th& 6th) UG (₹ 600 per semester  x 3)  ₹ 1,800
Tuition/program fees ₹ 15,000/- per semester (Semester 1st, 2nd& 3rd) ₹ 45,000
A Total Program fee for the first 3 semester- Foundation course ₹ 49,800
B Tuition/program fees Honours English, Political Science
& Sociology ₹25,000 for 4th, 5th& 6th semester (25,000 x 3)
₹ 75,000
C Tuition/program fees Honours International Relations ₹30,000 for 4th, 5th& 6th semester (30,000 x 3) ₹ 90,000
Total program cost for B.A. Honours English/Political Science/Sociology
(6 Semesters): A+B
₹ 1,24,800
Total program cost for B.A. Honours International Relations
(6 Semesters): A+C
₹ 1,39,800
i) Field Trip extra if outside the State.
ii) Internships at students cost.


  • The University would strive to build all round knowledge skill as a liberal arts University, with stress on upright living and integrity, critical analytical thinking skills and respect for one another.
  • The Dress Code of the University would be a white colored top/ shirt/ T-Shirt/ blouse, etc.
    • One would be free to wear skirts, pants, wrap around in any color of one’s choice.
    • During cold weather, black colored sweaters / jackets, etc can be worn over the white tops.
  • Number of seats will be limited to 25 (twenty five) per class for UG & PG programme.


North East Christian University (NECU),
Burma Camp East Block,

Contact No. +91 – 9678998433 / 7005224639

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