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PrCB, NECU initiated its first Certification Program at Agartala, Tripura for Traditional Healthcare Providers (TCHP) from 7th -9th March 2019. The local coordinators arranged the venue for conducting the Oral examination. All the nine (9) applicants were successful in the Oral Examination. The applicants were all found to be well versed and disciplined in their respective domain.

The second phase of the Certification Program- Demonstration Examination was also conducted on the same day (7th March 2019). All applicants brought their medicinal plants, tools, traditionally prepared medicines etc., for demonstration. All the applicants were selected for the Onsite Visit. The final phase of the Certification Program- Onsite Visit Examination was conducted on 8th and 9th March 2019. Total of 9 (nine) applicants were evaluated out of which 8 (eight) were certified.