Admissions to the North East Christian University

Admissions are open to students desiring a Liberal Arts education based on curriculum and structures of international Universities and Institutions.

Admissions to the 2020-2021 Sessions starting end July 2020 are open for:

  1. Three Year Under Graduate degree (Honours) programme in
    • English
    • Management
    • International Relations
    • Sociology
    • Economics
    • Political Science
    • Computer Science
    • Psychology / Counselling
    • History
    • Mass Communication
  2. Two year Post Graduate (MA) degree programme in
    • English (TESL)
    • Political Science
    • International Relations
    • Linguistics
    • Management
    • International Relations


  • Candidates should apply on plain paper giving as per the Application Form Guidelines.
  • Copies of supporting documents should be attached.
  • Admissions will be merit based.
  • 25% seat allocation will be for Merit cum means.
  • Upto 10% extra weightage would be given for candidates who have represented their States in different activities ranging from Music to Sports.
  • 5% seats would be reserved for Differently Abled Candidates.

Application Form Guidelines

Candidates are to give their:

  1. Full names, Father’s / Mother’s Name, Permanent Address, Present Address for communication, Mobile/Phone number, email address, with passport size photograph.
  2. Academic Qualification Record starting from Higher Secondary, with supporting documents.
  3. Distinctions/ Awards if any; Sports , etc. Certificate if have represented State,
  4. Differentially able Certificates, if relevant, from recognized authorities,
  5. Any other information eg., Hobbies , Social activities, if any, Admission for the UG programmes will be for Candidates who have passed their Higher Secondary or equivalent Examinations.




A) For the First Two Semesters (1st Year):

  1. Tuition @ ₹ 15,000/- (Fifteen Thousand) per Semester for all stream.
  2. Field trips extra if outside the NE Region.
  3. Internships at student’s cost

B) For the remaining Four Honours based Semesters (2nd & 3rd Year):

  1. Tuition Fee @ ₹25,000/- (Twenty Five Thousand) per Semester  for all streams.
  2. Internships at student’s cost

Post Graduate:

  1. Tuition Fees @ ₹ 35,000/- per Semester for all streams.
  2. Internship at student’s cost.


  1. Tuition Fees @ ₹ 40,000/- per Semester for all streams.
  2. Field trips / External Library / Consultation etc visit @ student’s cost

(**Subject to periodical review as per university provisions**)

General Information:

  1. The University would strive to build all round knowledge skill as a liberal arts University, with stress on upright living and integrity, critical analytical thinking skills, respect for one another.
  2. The Dress Code of the University would be a white colored top/ shirt/ T-Shirt/ blouse, etc.
    1. One would be free to wear skirts, pants, wrap around in any color of one’s choice.
    2. During cold weather, black colored sweaters / jackets, etc can be worn over the white tops.
  3. Application fees: ₹100/- (One hundred) only.
  4. Number of seats limited to 25 (twenty five) per class.
Download Admission Form 2020-21