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Value Addition Program

Emerging trends in technical and professional education call for value addition i.e. students must acquire something more than what is provided in the curriculum. The college offers numerous value added courses which are designed to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The students have the option to choose the courses according to their desires and inclinations.

No university curriculum can adequately cover all areas of importance or relevance. It is important for higher education institutions to supplement the curriculum to make students better prepared to meet industry demands as well as develop their own interests and aptitudes. NECU offers a wide variety of short term certificate courses which are conducted after class hours or during semester breaks. These courses are conducted by professionals and industry experts and help students stand apart from the rest in the job market by adding further value to their resume.

To focus on the placement, the NECU is educating the students through the latest technical / soft skills courses. This will give better exposure about the concepts and latest technologies to the students. In addition to the theory and practical classes, NECU also takes the students abroad to witness the Industries and Universities. The value added programs make students learn beyond the syllabus so that his/her employability or entrepreneurship skills will be improved.

The Industry in contemporary times has become immensely competitive, the need for skilled workforce possessing manifold traits are the order of the day. Modern workplaces have become target driven, quality driven, skill driven and efficiency driven. It is becoming extremely vital for every prospective entrant into corporate life to possess a positive attitude to learn, perform and excel in work life. NECU helps a student to be successful in his/her career, here we have brought a new dimension in this regard. We at NECU, have analyzed the demands of industry and have integrated value added programs into our learning modules.

These value-added programs supplement a students’ learning, exposes him/her to challenges that are encountered in work life and enables him/her to face them successfully. Ample care is accorded to ensure that the learning process is more interactive, practical and application oriented.