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2 Weeks Online TESOL Course

This is a teacher-training course.

This is not a course for learning or improving in English.

Course Duration - 2 weeks (13 working days + 2 weekends)

Hours of Study - Average 3-5 hours a day (some days may require more time due to assignments and group activities)

Course Fee - Rs.10,000 (Inclusive of all taxes)

Date of Training 16th October to 1st November, 2023. Last date for registration is 6th October.

Course Grading - The course is graded with a minimum of 60% required for a certificate of successful completion. Trainees scoring below 60% will get an audit certificate of participation, but NOT a certificate of successful completion.

Screening Test - Since the course is for teacher-training, there will be a screening test involving a simple half-hour assessment exercise to be done online and passed by the trainers before enrolment. It will test your basic English proficiency to check your ability to process audio written content as well as express yourself with sufficient detail and clarity. It will also test your ability to process and apply instructions with sufficient thought at a higher education level suited for teacher training. Enrollment will be based on the trainer's decision which will be final.


If you’re interested in the course, please click the link below to register for free choosing which course date you are interested in and the coordinating faculty will get in touch with you -


If you want to talk to someone first about course details and payment, please contact the trainer Mr. Indi Sundaram - Mobile and WhatsApp +91 99681 31013 | Email -

In the meantime, why don’t you go through the About video, course syllabus and details and testimonials below?

About TESOL 101


NOTE – While the course will address the 4 language skills on a general basis, the focus will remain on developing speaking skills as the majority of language students want or require that

The content and assignments shown below have been divided over 13 working days. Each day in addition to the content, will have an opening reflection called the Thought for the Day and a closing debrief called the Day's Reflection, which will benefit both new as well as experienced teachers. There are also knowledge check quizzes between sub-topics to enable a review of important concepts, and the large number of group activities done over onsite and WhatsApp groups ensure that learning stays dynamic and interesting. The course is rigorous and adheres to high international standards with every assignment and activity being mandatory, however, we ensure learners have enough pastoral care and real-time guidance through quick communication responses and easy access to the trainers and teacher aides on a daily basis. We are very interested in you!


A Snapshot of English and TESOL

  • The vagaries of English – lingual origins, influences, relevance and difficulties
  • Commonly used acronyms
  • Circle of World Englishes – An Empowering Mindset

Pedagogic Principles

  • Second language acquisition principles – effective vs traditional
  • Integrating the 4 language skills
  • Principles of language teaching
  • objectives (LAAT – Learners Are Lesson Able To ---)
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Lesson planning
  • MDR (Model – Drill – Release) lesson plan
  • Assessing and Debriefing
  • Error Correction
  • assessment, student placement Language level
  • Online learning
  • Reflections on Educational Processes and Principles

Teaching the 4 Language Skills

  • Speaking lessons and activities
  • Reading lessons and activities
  • Writing lessons and activities
  • Listening lessons and activities – Sound-sorting
  • Teaching vocabulary
  • Pronunciation vs Accent – Is there a neutral English?
  • Phonology – intonation, stress, emphasis
  • Teaching grammar – Explanation vs Practicing patterns

General Educational Principles and Learning Processes

  • Curriculum and topic-based lessons
  • Multiple Intelligences
  • Student needs assessment
  • Using Multimedia, Music, Jazz Chants, Tongue-Twisters
  • Classroom management
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Language Learning Resources – Using Lexicarry, the Oxford Picture Dictionary, wordless pictures

Principles for Teacher Development and Growth

  • The Iceberg of Change – Platforms of transformation in real life for teachers
  • Educational wounds, scars and triggers
  • Problem Solving and Innovation
  • Intelligence Emotional - Dealing with People Problems
  • A Teacher’s Personality – Stepping out of comfort
  • Personal Goals – Connecting teaching to personal life
  • Professional and Personal Development – Role of community

Individual Assignments

  • Curriculum-based lesson plan
  • Topic-based lesson plan
  • 2 Lesson Debriefs
  • Thoughts and Perspectives Assignment
  • Knowledge check quizzes
  • Discussions and opinion posts
  • Group Activities
  • End of Course Assessment Survey

Caveat – While a great effort has been made to make the 2-week course as relevant, effective and personal as possible, including making it helpful even to regular teachers, it is impossible to easily substitute a highly visual-kinaesthetic and practical course which is full of human interaction with an online one in which presence is virtual. We trust that you will understand this and see this as a learning opportunity provided to a wider section of people given the limitations imposed by the COVID 19 pandemic.


There is a great need for professional-development of teachers and school leaders today. This course is a must for any teacher or institute looking for teachers who wish to make a greater impact in the classroom or school leadership. I am personally so blessed and enlightened by this course. I congratulate the team and thank God for planting the vision to come alongside teachers in capacity building. Esther,Nagaland

The course for me was a very transforming and enriching experience where I not just learnt how to teach English to Learners of other language but also realized the foundations of teaching and of a learner which changed my perspective about education which was different from what I learnt growing up and because the course has been designed in a holistic manner, I was really able to enjoy the process of learning and doing the assignments along with other learners over the two weeks of the course .Indeed this course was an experience I would cherish for my lifetime!Eleena, New Delhi

Before this course I see myself as a Teacher without a Plan, Purpose and Vision, with this course I see myself as a Teacher with a Plan, a Purpose and a Vision. Khrielezo, Nagaland

TESOL course changed my teaching style and way of thinking. I will recommend to everyone who wants to learn something new and interesting. Definitely yo9u will gain more than you think. Shubham - Uttarakhand

I enrolled in this course wanting to learn something though I didn’t expect a course so holistic and so international by nature and standard respectively. It touched upon every aspect. In fact, I have never attended any course like TESOL so far. I expected the common google classroom/MTS sort of online course. But it turned out to be more than attending a physical class. It was a wholesome and enlightening learning experience. The overall course content was engaging and absorbing. Every question, every tool, every lesson was thought provoking. I’ve learnt to pay due attention to simple things like listening skills which I’d often neglected or even about reading and pronunciation. A lot of self-analysis done in the process- it was not just about learning the course content— discovering ourselves was one of the aspects. I’ve learnt more about myself, as a person and as a teacher. Coming from a very conventional teaching background, I now look at my surroundings in a new and deeper level, keeping in mind the different learning needs owing to different backgrounds. This course has made me seriously think deeper that service to humanity is service to God. Overall, I’ve benefited immensely from the course. It was more than I expected.Maggie, Karbi Anglong