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The North East Christian University (NECU) organizes a regular Naga Culture Symposium complementary to the State Annual Hornbill Festival showcasing the hub of the rich cultural heritage of the Nagas. The Naga Culture symposium is aimed to showcase both academic and rich cultural artistic traditions of the Nagas as well. The overarching theme for the Symposium is based on the socio-cultural rubrics, wherein the experts and the participants will deliberate the various themes and share their ideas. The Symposium will be for two days, with each day devoted to the academic and copious artistic traditions of the Nagas, respectively. All sessions are designed to be participatory, where audiences, as well as the experts, will engage in lively exchanges of ideas and the application of various traditional artistic techniques. Day one will be exclusively devoted for various scholars and thinkers making presentations to share their ideas and experience on differentsub-themes (religion, myths and consciousness, oral history, legacies of the past, historical roots and migrations, and folklores) so as to complement the overarching themes, i.e. socio-cultural, of the symposium. The symposium is not limited to the above mentioned themes; multidisciplinary approaches beyond the aforementioned themes are also encouraged. Day two would stress onto exploring the abundant artistic traditions of the Nagas. Keeping in mind the theme of the symposium, there would be workshops to involve the audiences in participating and engaging to learn on the rich artistic traditional heritage of the Nagas—heritages such as traditional woodcarvings, traditional musical instruments, weaving, and other handicrafts using different mediums and materials that are available locally. The Proceedings from the Naga Cultural/ Culture Symposium will be published in an ISBN (peer-reviewed) book. The book will afford a way of illuminating the socio-cultural and artistic themes of the Nagas to readers across India and the globe. The event and the publication will hopefully be a positive contribution to the Naga academia in India and its diaspora-particularly Naga diaspora, and fraternity of like-minded Indian and foreign scholars. Sub-themes: 1. Ethnic Festival 2. Ethnic Identity 3. Cultural Values 4. Commemorations and Celebrations 5. Cuisines 6. Folk Culture 7. Ethnic Minority 8. Cultural Dynamics 9. Complexities of Culture 10. Cultural Diversities 11. Ethnic Festivals and Recent Trends 12. Globalization and Identity 13. Traditional Music and Instrument 14. Entrepreneurship Abstract Submission Paper presentations are invited on the above theme and sub themes. An abstract can be submitted to: The abstract should not be more than 250 words. It should have a clear specification of titles and keywords and send to the organizers on or before 15th November 2021. For selected papers, the authors are requested to follow APA style of citation and the full manuscript should not exceed 3500 words (including notes and references). Authors are also requested to follow the strict ethics of writing scholarly papers and avoid plagiarism. Selected papers will be published as an anthology book having an ISBN. Important Dates Last date for abstract submission: 15th November 2021 Last date for full paper submission: 4th December 2021 Date of Symposium: 9th& 10th December 2021 Registration Details The program flyer containing all relevant information is attached. The last date of registration is 8th December 2021.