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The North East Christian University is an ambitious project (Ministry) of the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India (CBCNEI). Since the establishment of the Baptist Mission by Americans in the North Eastern region, the initial and major thrust was education. This is evident by the impact they have made in this field. The first Assamese literature was promoted by them. As such the first Assamese Weekly Newspaper known as “Oronodo” which means “Raising of the Sun” was published by three American Baptist missionaries namely, Miles Brownson, Nathan Brown and Oliver Cutter. They were the ones who fought for the promotion of Assamese literature. In Nagaland, it was missionary Mary Mead, wife of Dr. E. W. Clark who opened the first school. At many other places across the North East, missionaries from other countries opened mission schools. Today there are a large number of Primary and High Schools as well as secular and theological colleges in the region. In a meeting of the Principals of Theological Seminaries under the Council of Baptist Churches of North East India (CBCNEI) held in March 2010, it was unanimously agreed that the time was right for Baptist Churches to establish a full-fledged University. A series of consultations were then held with Conventions and Associations members who endorsed the vision. Once formally proposed, the Act on the establishment of the University was passed by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly and notified accordingly in the State Gazette. Today the North East Christian University is a reality.




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